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My current work isn't available due to NDA but if would like an updated reel please email me at reel.

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I'm currently developing my skills in Houdini

I'm available for work so please feel free to get in touch.

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Winner FXWars Challenge - Queen Of The Rocket Men
- Dec 2009


Recommendations are listed in chronological order, with most recent at the top.

Job title - Senior Particle FX Artist for Kabam, San Francisco

Lauren Freeman - Production Services Manager at Kabam.

Managed Stephen at Kabam

"Stephen has worked on FX animations for a handful of our projects. He is detail oriented, takes pride in his work, and collaborates well despite being thousands of miles away from our production. Highly recommend him... unless we need to work with him, then kindly get in line." March 16, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative


Job title - Particle FX / Animator Prime Focus London for How The Eath Made Us, Moments Of Terror.

John Harvey - Creative Director, Prime Focus.

Managed Stephen at Prime Focus London

“I worked with Stephen on a long form project to which his contribution was indispensible. His attitude was refreshing and keen. I was very impressed with his level of expertise, always delivering the requested work to a very high standard. Stephen's composure and time management were also exceptional under what were very tight deadlines. I would thoroughly recommend Stephen as an operator.” January 27, 2010


Job title
- Particle FX / Animator Cinematico San Francisco for Xavier: Renegade Angel, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

Manny Marquez - VFX super, 3d Animator/3d Artist.

Managed Stephen at Cinematico San Francisco

“Stephen handled a lot of complex shots for us during Season 2 of "Xavier: Renegade Angel" What I liked about working with Stephen was his desire to keep learning. He would often talk of a new class he was taking, or a new technique he was learning through a tutorial. Even after he returned to the UK and started a new job, he is deep in study and he remains a goto guy for particle or simulation information for me.”


Job title - Particle FX / Animator at C.H.A.S.E London for 'Heroes' Advertisement.

Darren Wall - Director, C.H.A.S.E. animation studios.

Managed Stephen at C.H.A.S.E. London now Planet Jump.

“Stephen is a very capable member of the 3D team. He is confident in responding to briefs, and taking control of scenes, bringing them up to full fruition. He is dedicated and hardworking, and brings a calm assured air to a situation. He has been a valued member of my team on Heroes.” November 26, 2007


Job title
- Company Director - Animator / 3D / Art at The Laundry.

Jonathan Rusca
- Owner / Design Consultant, The Laundry Creative Consultants Ltd.

Worked directly with Stephen at The Laundry

“Steve is my 'go to' guy for all things animation or 3D. His expertise is impressive and his creativity has got us out of some tight spots in the past! I do not hesistate to recommend him.” March 26, 2008


Job title - Artist / Concept Designer / Animator at C.H.A.S.E London

Laura Thomas - Hired Stephen as a 3D Animator in 2006

“I would definitely hire Stephen for future 3D productions and would heartily recommend him. He has been a great person to work with, very reliable and creative and the most knowledgable person I know in the 3D area.” November 28, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative


Job title - Artist / Concept Designer / Animator at C.H.A.S.E London

Robert Chandler - Creative Director & Head of Production at

C.H.A.S.E. animation studios, Hired Stephen as a CGI artist / animator in 2006 for C.H.A.S.E. London now Planet Jump.

“First off, Stephen delivers. I've never known him not to. On top of that, he's punctual, hits his deadlines, and has a no-nonsense approach to creativity. And he has a deep knowledge of his art/profession which he doesn't always show off or display but it's there when you need to tap into it.” September 21, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Recent Projects

Senior FX Artist - Figment Productions

Concept Desinger - Figment Productions

3D Art Director - Ernest Tsui Architects + Partners

New Angle - FX Art Director

Kabam - Senior FX Artist

Take Off Studio - RealFlow FX Artist

Glowfrog Studios - Senior FX Artist

Kabam - Senior FX Artist

Spitball Ent
- Character Modeling

Planet Jump Prod - VFX/Creative Dir

Jay Beeharry - Concept Art

Take Off Studio - VFX

Pipe Dreams 3D - VFX TD

BT - Animation

FXWars Winner - PreViz/Animation/FX

Space Age Films - Animation/FX

Prime Focus London - Cinematics/FX

Spandau Ballet - Lighting Concepts

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 - Cinematics/FX

Xavier - Cinematics/FX/Anim

Spandau Ballet - Lighting Concepts

Pixel - Cinematics/FX/Anim

Mirrors Edge Intro - Cinematics/FX/Anim

Heroes TV Ad - Cinematics/FX/Anim

Cine Aqua - Cinematics/FX/Anim

Kid Samurai - Cinematics/FX

Disney - Compositing

Polly Pocket - Design/Concept

Sting - Lighting Concepts

Bob Dylan - Lighting Concepts

NEW Captain Scartlet - Cinematics/FX/TD

Microsoft Train Sim 2 - Modeling

Battalion Wars - Pre Vis/Modeling

Warhammer 40,000 - Modeling /Level Des

FireBlade - Modeling

Reign Of Fire - Modeling

Thunderbirds - Pre Vis/Modeling

Rafael - Pre Vis/Modeling

Microsoft Train Sim 1 - Modeling

Lotus Challenge - Modeling

Korean Stars 2 - Tester

Premier League Stars 2001 - Tester

Theme Park World - Tester